Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The Little Indian that Will!

I really didn't believe it until I actually saw the picture. I mean just check this out -


At first I thought - "No way, that can't be Detroit. Maybe they just flew a few guys over to India for a photoshoot!"

But, no! Three guys - Eric Takamura, Joel Jermakian and Anubhav Sethi have formed a company, called New Generation, and are planning to fit these pesky little beasties with an electric motor! I would've thought just fitting a petrol engine would help, because as anyone who has heard one of these can testify, they run on a steam engine!

Well, the whole article seemed like the stuff of myths and legends until a familiar name popped up and made it a great reality - Bajaj Motors. For those not in the know, Bajaj Motors is the largest manufacturer of scooters and three-wheeled autorishaws this side of the north pole. And Bajaj Motors has signed up New Generation to create their new lot of autorikshaws with electric motors.

Here's wishing New Generation the best of luck and here's wishing that this will be the future of urban transportation. All over the world! Actually, I'm superstitious - Three's a lucky number, right? And this thing has three wheels, okay? And then there are these three guys! Wow! What's the chance of that! So three cheers for you folks!!

Read the great article titled The Little Engine that Might at the Washington Post

Thanks to another great gadget blog POPGADGET. (Yes, it's a gadget blog for women. So?)


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