Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Making a computer out of LEGO?

Well, not really!

But "The Goldfish Online" has created a number of logic gates (AND, OR, NOR etc. etc) with LEGO bricks. I know that this doesn't sound very exciting to everyone(!), but I think something like this would be of tremendous use as teaching aids for basic electronics!

I'm sure rudimentary mechanical computing systems can be created. More for the fun of it actually!

Going through the website, I see that a Rubik's cube and a piano have already been created out of of LEGO, and even Charles Babbage's Difference Engine is on the cards! Cool!

PS. As I was going through the Slashdot article, I came across this very interesting software, called TKGate ( which can be used to model electronic circuits! And not just model but also simulate! Definitely beats all the soldering!


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