Wednesday, December 08, 2004

New York Walking Rules!

New York Walking Rules

I. Walking Slow
Ever heard of a New York minute? Yes, there is such a thing; it's roughly 45 seconds.

II. Walking on your left
Walking is kind of like driving, you stay to your right. Believe it or not there are lanes; where ever you are, you're supposed to stay to your right.
Don't ever stop to ask for directions because no one will give them to you.

III. Stopping
When you stop in the middle of the street you affect everyone around you. People get distracted and you could even cause an accident!
And don't bother waiting for the walk sign; if there aren't any cars coming, go! Jaywalking's not really illegal… they just say that.

IV. Walking in Groups
However, don't try it past 59th street. There will be a lot of angry people trying to get past your little barricade.

V. Walking and chewing gum at the same time (i.e. Multi-tasking)
Use extreme caution when eating and walking.
Cell phones can be distracting too, ..... If your walking in NYC and your not a native, don't attempt it.

VI. Extras
Extra things like bags, kids, (dogs?) and strollers can be dangerous. .... so keep them close to you - especially if you want to keep them.

via College of Mount Saint Vincent students

From the original "New York Times" article Think You Own the Sidewalk? (paid version)

which can be read at The-W


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