Monday, November 22, 2004

Sulabh International

Before I begin, some background. Sulabh International builds toilets and bathing facilities. All of the facilities are for the poorer class of society on a pay-per-use basis. Initially, when I came across the Sulabh International website, it brought back a number of memories from Delhi. We always used to make friends, in a deragatory manner, of having been there (Of course, this was to indicate that he's a stink!). Somehow, all those years ago, I never realised the significance of this institution!

Now, when after all these years, when I've seen and experienced struggle. Now, when I know that after all these years of evolution, the only luxuries that anybody would gladly have are running water and fire-on-demand, I've come to appreciate Sulabh a lot more.

Sulabh International

Looking at their website, I saw that they have set up an excellent Museum of Toilets! At their website, they even have an Evolution of toilets down the ages. And then I read about the Sulabh Sauchalya, an organic toilet developed by Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak, which not only takes care of basic hygiene for people who can't afford but does it in a completely organic, recyclable way.

And as always, low tech and organic methods always win over high technology in my view.

So, three cheers for Sulabh, and for people who don't think twice about flushing down 11.5 litres of potable water down the drain four or five times a day, let me point you to some other websites like Treehugger and WorldChanging who actively suggest that a more ecological alternative exists.


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