Sunday, November 28, 2004


This is something new I discovered recently. Since nowadays, practically everyone has a digital camera or a cellphone with one, the number of photos out there is going up exponentially!

And that has resulted in something called photoblogs! Basically, the idea is to post something with a photograph.

While reading up about this on the internet I came across this site which called, which deals with a number of people who post their photographs on a regular basis on the web. If you have RSS you can subscribe to these. (By the way, there are other groups also like Their entire list is here)

My favourite is Chromasia, which is also the top rated in (Incidentally, I got to know about after subscribing to Chromasia!). Chromasia is published by a guy whose snaps make the everyday mundane things look great. The other thing I like about Chromasia is that he gives all the setting of each particular photograph, which is really useful for budding photo enthusiasts.

Here's one of my favourites called "Dried Petals"


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