Saturday, December 11, 2004

Piracy & Stealing (when it comes to Online Music!)

I've always found the actions of the RIAA in trying to sue their own customers to stop file sharing as ridiculous.

Today I came across this exit exam essay written by Steve Geluso, a 16 year old 'A' student. He decided to choose to write on the distinction between piracy and stealing, when it comes to online music.
(Note the "Continue to Page 2" link at the bottom of the page.)

I don't think anyone ever has put forth the case so eloquently.

A few quotes -
  • Thieves steal music that is provided in the mainstream and never intend to help the artists out. On the other hand pirates obtain a wide variety of music that is not always provided in ways that are easy to get to

  • Another radical difference between thieves and pirates is how they get their music. Thieves walk into record stores and take physical copies off the shelves. When a thief takes it from the shelf they are taking something that cost money to produce and stripping the store of its ability to sell it for a profit. Pirates don't take advantage of the already established distribution system. Instead pirates have their own.

  • If the (music industry) took advantage of the benefits of piracy instead of wasting thousands on frivolous lawsuits they could see themselves launched into a new era of prosperity

What is surprising is that a 16 year old can understand the difference so well compared to an organisation!

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Blogger knight37 said...

Frankly, after reading the essay, I'm inclined to support the teacher, not the student. Okay, maybe he shouldn't have gotten an "F", but this was definitely not "A" material. The text is full of errors, for one thing, but aside from that, his case is completely bogus. It sounded more like a justification for piracy rather than explaining what the difference between piracy and theft actually is. Furthermore, he made some claims about piracy being beneficial that he couldn't substantiate except through annecdotal evidence. His essay was full of inconsistancy and logical fallicy. I'd have given him a "D" or maybe "C-".

11:10 AM  

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