Wednesday, January 05, 2005

An interesting article about the economic disparity in India

Although this article came about because of a piece of news which gained wide publicity in the media both in India and the West, it points out the economic disparity endemic in Indian society. Of late India has been covered quite extensively overseas but anybody who has been there is very surprised at the contrast. In fact, a long time back (before I had been abroad), a friend of mine told me after returning to India - "It's not the culture shock you get when you go abroad. It's the schock you get when you return". Even now, every time I return to India, the contrast hits me full in the face. High rise buildings sit side by side against villages. People travelling in flashy cars while others are still trying to make ends meet. The wealth being earned by a small class of society doesn't seem to be percolating fast or evenly enough.

This article appeared in Wired titled 'India's Odd Couple: Cops and Tech'

A quote from the article -
"The cop who checks your car license does not own a car," said Raghu Raman, who heads an information security firm called Mahindra Special Services Group. "The passport official who checks your passport does not go abroad. The cop to whom you go to register a credit card misuse does not own a credit card. If a cop is in no position to own a computer, how can he fight cybercrime? The field cop (and) the beat constable live in another world."

via Wired News


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