Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Holy COWs!!

Okay, this is absolutely unbelievable! Bollywood movies to be watched with a click of the mouse, that too for $1.99!! And legally!! (And with Paypal!!!)

Bollywood, led by the ace thespian, Dev Anand is leading this as of now. And it's called Cinema on Web (COW - Hence the title!!)

kala pani

Yahoo Finance covers the "Cinema on Web" concept.

The site itself is very cheesy, with the usual garish colours and graphics which goes against decent Web Design in any language! But the
demo of Zeenat Aman crooning "Dum Maro Dum" is itself worth it!! Go fullscreen by double-clicking the video!

(The above link is a high bandwidth one, for the low bandwidth link, click here, and for dial-up here)

And as a bonus, there's Dev Anand himself talking about the movies. Here's his clip on "Kala Pani"! (Didn't strike me that he wears black throughout the movie!)

So, Is this the future of cinema distribution? Well, I certainly think so!

via Slashdot

Update: I downloaded 'Guide' and of course, it's great to watch! Only one quirk though, I need the internet connection to be on to be able to play this! I can live with that! If I figure out a way to convert this to a VCD I'll post the solution here.


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