Sunday, November 07, 2004

Do you know Koshy Eapen?

Koshy Eapen

Do you know Koshy Eapen? I don't. Somewhere in the dim recesses of my memory there is a faint ringing, but nothing beyond that.

Today I get to know that he's been named as the "World's Outstanding Young Person" for 2004. What's that you ask? An award instituted by Junior Chamber International for identifyign young leaders and entrepreneurs. Former awardees have been John F Kennedy, Henry Kissinger, Elvis Persley, Linius Torvalds, Jackie Chan and Arjuna Ranatunga.

Koshy has been involved in geriatric care for quite a few years now. For a young India, geriatric care might seem quite low in priority, but the value that elders add to a family has been one that that has been irrefutable. The wisdom, care, love and sensibility that elders have to share is something that balances society at large. As Koshy puts it, most of these are not quantified -
"They contribute by bringing up grandchildren, doing voluntary service, caring for the sick, and often counsel and resolve conflict by virtue of their position. In many cases they are also repositories of knowledge, experience, culture and religious heritage."
(from his interview)

In my life, my grandparent's have been a tremendous influence. On their behalf, and for the elderly everywhere, here's wishing the best to Koshy.


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