Saturday, April 07, 2007

Last Post!

What happened to my blog? Hmmm. Good question. I've asked myself that question many times. Some of the answers I came up with -

When I started the blog, I was in New York. I didn't have any friends I could wax philosophical with. Initially the blog gave an outlet for that.

After it got recognised by a couple of top shots in the internet world, I kind of hit a high and the blog became more of an attention seeking device!

Once I came back to India, I realised that life in India is quite different! (I had forgotten what it is like!) In India, somehow you just go with the flow. You argue, debate a whole bunch more, but always with real friends rather than virtual ones. Thoughts, questions pop up throughout the week and instead of getting channelised into writing they become very intense discussions!

I also realised there's a huge difference between talking and doing. Talk is cheap. Doing is tougher.

Finally, I'm quite tired of writing. I don't need an outlet in prose any more. I've started many blog posts but never got around to finishing them. At the end I just gave up!

But everything that's born has to die. So what I've been thinking of late is that I'll give the blog a quiet burial that it deserves and remove it from the virtual world altogether. It just seems to hang there like a dead star. Maybe thoughts are ephemeral for a reason. Maybe they are not for eternity. Maybe the book is over. Maybe the universe ends in a whisper.

That sounds like a good 'last post'.