Friday, July 29, 2005

Paper Toys Again - "Paper Forest"


Paper Forest is one of the best paper toys website I've seen. It has an amazing collection of both origami as well as cut-and-paste toys. All toys are free downloads, and they're really wonderful.

The latest are from the Yamaha website. They have paper cut-and-paste toys of some wonderful animals as well as bikes!! You can download the colour pdf files and really have a ball.

Here're two that I really like -

The Lemur

And of course, the incredible XJR1300!


Wednesday, July 20, 2005

All kinds of Paper Toys and Origami!

origami dinosaur
I've been wanting to write this for some time. I've been seeing numerous paper toys - origami, cut and paste toys, and others, on the internet and I thought I'll put all these together on one post.

So this one is for all the kids I know. (And the ones who are still kids at heart!)

Let's start with some Victorian Toys. And here are some dinosaurs! A site with lots of origami is here. I found this 3D Dragon great fun too, mainly because as you walk beside it, it seems to follow you with it's eyes!!

But Robert J. Lang's site stands way above the crowd, with some fantastic origami animals, birds, even a dinosaur skeleton!! Unfortunately, I couldn't find any diagrams for download there.

A great mechanical cut-and-paste toy is this Paper Rocket, which shoots up almost two floors high on pressurised air! Moving on, here are some airplanes, and here's one which flies by flapping it's wings!

For kids who're a little older, here's a very nice Chess Set, including the chess board! And here's a 12-sided calendar to keep on their desk!

But this will surely be one of the most interesting to create. This is a Dirkon Pin Hole Camera, through which you can actually shoot pictures and develop them!

One of the more useful for adults and kids alike is this site where you can print your own graph paper, according to your requirements!

Finally, if you're just looking for some posters, check out National Geographic's Poster page. You can print some fantastic posters on regular A4 paper and put them together.

Not to forget the kids who're still pining for a Mac, you can fulfill all your fantasies of owning a Mac here!

All of these can be printed out on a regular A4 paper from any printer. (Which is what I found really useful, because when I was young and tried origami, getting the papers with the right colours was always a tough job! Not to mention expensive!)

Thanks to Boing Boing.

Update: I discovered that all these links have been consolidated on a very nice site called WebZen